About Us

Arium Collection is a collection of luxuriously affordable jewellery that tells the story of effortless day-to-night sophistication made for with women who seek jewellery that evolves with them through the seasons. Enchanting details are woven into everyday wearability, creating a timeless form of self-expression for women from all walks of life.

Born out of a love for simplicity and elegance, Arium Collection is inspired by Designer and Creative Director Julie Kim’s strong emotional connection with her surroundings. With collections named after natural phenomenon, nature and the physical world, her designs evoke a familiar yet global sense of belonging.

Behind the brand lies Julie’s heartfelt and rich philosophy on beauty and identity. Drawing from her Korean heritage, her designs weave together features of handcrafted adornment balanced with elements of modernity from her time living in the world’s cosmopolitan capitals such as London, New York, Rome, Hong Kong and Madrid.

On the brand’s name and mission, “Arium means beauty in Korean – to me, it is to know yourself and be able to express that with quiet confidence. Calling various countries my home over the years, my identity evolved to be a blend of cultures and I started on a journey seeking authenticity and how to express this hybrid sense of self,” shared Julie. “With Arium Collection, I wanted to make beautiful jewellery that other women around the world like myself could identify with.”

" It is extremely important that all pieces are tested and anti-allergenic as I have the allergy against Nickel and Lead myself. I wanted to create a jewellery that people can wear without worrying about allergy reaction." said Julie. Jewellery by Arium Collection is made with high quality brass plated in 100% 16K gold, rose gold, or original rhodium with accents in superior cubic zirconia. Every piece is also non-allergenic – lead and nickel free, with surgical-grade titanium earring pins.

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