Arium Women Spotlight #6

We caught up with multi-talented model, actress, triathlete and Asia's Next Top Model Mentor Kelly Tandiono on what she looks out for when buying jewellery, and her top picks from Arium Collection. Read on to find out!

Kelly wears the Heart Necklace in Medium with Heart Earrings.

Arium Collection (AC): What are the top three qualities you look for when buying jewellery?

Kelly Tandiono (KT): Design – it has to be captivating. Quality – I need to know what metals I wear are gentle for my skin and reinforcing for my energy. Sentiment – every piece of jewellery has a story to tell and I find that very exciting!

AC: What about the designs from Arium Collection drew to you them? How does wearing them make you feel?

KT: I find Arium Collection designs very captivating. It’s one of those things that fully grabs your attention and never lets go. I love how unique Arium designs are. When I’m wearing a piece of your jewellery, I know I have something one of a kind!

AC: Do you have a favourite collection?

KT: It’s so difficult to have just one but I fell in love with the Heart Collection. I have the necklace and a pair of the earrings!

Find out more about Kelly and her fitness, modeling and acting adventures on Instagram at @kelly_tandiono.

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