Arium Women Spotlight #1

In the Spotlight: So-Young Kang

We are so lucky to have loyal customers and fans who are beautiful representations of "the Arium Woman". This week, we are shining the spotlight on So-Young Kang, founder of Awaken Group and Gnowbe, a successful mobile microlearning app that helps people build personalized learning journeys while on-the-go. It facilitates bite-sized learning for professionals to help them stay up-to-speed, relevant and engaged as they learn. So-Young is also a Harvard Business School alum, transformation designer, global speaker and author. 

"I feel that the designs are a representation of me - bold, yet feminine. I value beauty and love the attention paid to small details. The pieces are also so versatile, they've carried me through both business meetings with CEOs and gala events. In a nutshell, I love Arium Collection because the designs are beautiful, elegant, bold and feminine, all wrapped in one", said So-Young.

You can follow So-Young on Instagram at @soykang1004 and visit Gnowbe to find out how microlearning can keep you sharp!



She is wearing Cinderella necklace in the picture. 

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