Easy & Important Basics to Care for Your Fine Jewellery

One of the wonderful things about jewellery is that it comes in all shapes, materials, price points and production styles. When we choose to invest in fine jewellery with gemstones and precious metals or high-end costume jewellery, learning to care for them properly is a great way to get more mileage out of them. Here are 4 basic and important things to know.


  1. Light, Meat and Excessive Moisture

In the same way that the sun can bleach clothing and burn skin, jewellery is also affected by prolonged or intense exposure to heat and light. Coloured gem stones might fade or darken, while pearls, ivory and shells can also get bleached or even fracture from the heat. Submersion in chlorinated or sea water will also have an effect on the shine, texture and lustre of gems and metals. If you are going swimming, to the sauna or spending a lot of time outdoors, consider keeping your fine jewellery at home.


  1. Natural Oils and Cosmetics

In addition to the lotions, perfumes and makeup we put on, our skin produces natural oils and sweat as we go about our day. When jewellery comes into contact with our skin and in turn, these oily substances, a film will form on the jewellery. Porous gems such as pearls, turquoise and coral are more susceptible than hard stones. If oils are not cleaned off regularly, could tarnish or discolour the precious stones and metals.


  1. Safe Cleaning Methods

After each wear, it is important to give your fine jewellery a wipe down with a soft microfibre (or non-abrasive) cloth. There are also fine jewellery cleaner solutions available on the market to give your jewellery a safe and gentle clean, removing the oils and other chemicals while protecting and maintaining your jewellery.


  1. Storage

Finally, when not being worn, your jewellery should be stored in a clean, dry place such as a padded jewellery box or in its original fabric pouch/packaging. This will protect them from the elements discussed in the points above, making your investment in beautiful more rewarding in the long term.

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