Personal Stylist, Julia Blank

Julia wears Starry Night Cocktail ring, Ria Bracelet and Sleeping Beauty Necklace.


Meet this month's Arium Woman Julia Blank! Some of you might have already met Julia earlier this month at our VIP Styling Session at Paragon. Hailing from Ukraine by way of New York City, Julia is an accomplished personal stylist and image consultant based in Singapore. We found out more about her international background and approach for styling clients who range from the rich and famous to the everyday professional or homemaker.

Arium Collection (AC): What does your job entail?

Julia Blank (JB): I am the owner of, a personal image and home styling boutique firm. I personally oversee all of my clients’ projects, whether it's transforming someone’s personal style or helping a couple make their house cozy and inviting.

AC: What do you spend most of your time on that gives you great joy?

JB: I love browsing products in physical or online stores. When I travel, I visit galleries, interior and fabric stores, anything that I can touch and feel and draw my inspiration from.

AC: As a stylist and image consultant, what is one challenge you have found to be most common amongst clients, and how do you approach it?

JB: The challenge is to convince someone who is considering getting style help for the first time that it’s not as scary or intruding as they imagine. The process of helping women and men feel amazing in their clothes can truly transform people for the better and I cannot recommend it strongly enough, but for those who have never met me the idea of it can certainly be intimidating at first.

AC: Your job must see you doing a great deal of shopping/research on the trends and tides of fashion. When picking out accessories and clothes, what aspects do you value most?

JB: I am all about mixing expensive with inexpensive. This includes looking online, shopping during sales and in stores that are accessible to most pockets. There are also plenty of luxury bags at preloved stores that are almost new. I often recommend thinking outside the box to help my clients with managing their budgets.

AC: What aspects of Arium Collection appeal to you?

JB: I love well-made jewelry that’s not too pricey. I feel that Arium Collection is in this very sweet spot for consumers. When I choose accessories, I look for pieces with a balance of classic style without being too wild. They have to be versatile and interchangeable with a wide range of outfits. Arium Collection hits the nail on the head.

You can contact Julia on her website at, call (+65)9751 1694 or email


Starry Night Ring (Large)


Sleeping Beauty Necklace in Rhodium/Multi


Ria Bracelet (Multi)


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