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Josie wears Frozen Necklace


We had a chat with a Public Relations superstar, Josie Griffiths from Felicities PR in London about some of her accessory choices. Read on to get the scoop!

Arium Collection (AC): What do you do for work?

Josie Griffiths (JG): I'm the PR Director at Felicities, a PR firm based in London.

AC: Do you have a current favourite brand of jewellery?

JG: I'm enjoying my latest piece from Arium Collection... I find the designs so elegant and wearable. They make me feel really special as they are unique, unlike other designs on the market. 

AC: Does Arium Collection stand for any values which you identify with?

JG: I love that the Arium Collection pieces are designed with the modern woman in mind, high-quality and elegant. Each collection also seems thoughtfully created, a value that I really appreciate.

AC: Do you have a favourite collection or piece by Arium Collection?  

JG: My favourite piece is my Frozen necklace! I really love that the collection is a celebration of life’s unique experiences. The necklace is very elegant and I wear it almost every day! 

AC: What are the top three qualities you look for when buying jewellery?

JG: Quality, design and that the piece has to be eye-catching. I love pieces which are very different from the norm.

To find out more about Josie and her work at Felicities, follow @jojokooky and @felicitiespr. 



Josie is wearing Frozen necklace (Big) from Frozen collection.

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