Founder of Felicities PR, Alison Lowe MBE

In the Spotlight: Alison Lowe MBE

Alison wears Heart Necklace (Big)

We spent some time with Alison, a renowned and highly respected fashion consultant from the UK on what she looks out for when buying jewellery, and what her favourite piece fromArium Collection is. Here's the scoop!

Arium Collection (AC): What do you do for work?

Alison Lowe MBE (AL): I'm the founder of Felicities PR and Start Your Own Fashion Label, and am a consultant to numerous international fashion brands.

AC: What are the top three qualities you look for when buying jewellery?

AL:  I pay most attention to quality, design and wearability... I hate jewellery that is fussy and catches on things! 

AC: What about the designs from Arium Collection drew to you them? How does wearing them make you feel?

AL:  I love my Arium Heart necklace as it is such a statement piece which really stands out – it always draws lots compliments which boosts
 my confidence and makes me feel special. It is both an intricate delicate piece but also bold in its look, which really appeals to me. 

AC: How would you describe Arium Collection's style of jewellery?

AL: I love that it is effortless and feminine, combining a balance between power and grace – all traits I aspire to.  

Alison was recently awarded a Member of the Order of the English Empire - more commonly known as MBE -  by Queen Elizabeth, for her remarkable contributions to the UK fashion industry. Find out more by following her on Instagram at @alijaynelowe.



Alison is wearing Big heart necklace from Heart Collection. 


Heart Necklace (Big)

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